March 8, 2017

This is one of our favorite summer meals.  During the summer we lighten up and eat a lot less meat.  I know, summer for many people is grilling meat and more meat.  Not us, we basically go vegetarian with the exception of an occasional BBQ with friends, or Sunday dinne...

March 1, 2017

Corn, Bean and Grain Salad

  • 1 1/2 Cups Black Beans

  • 1 1/2 Cups Brown Rice, or another grain of your choice.  The salad in the picture above was made with millet.  Brown rice is my favorite in this salad, but since I love brown rice and tend to use it a lot in oth...

February 23, 2017

 Brown Rice Salad

  • 2 Cups Roasted and Cooled Sweet Potato, or Butternut Squash

  • 3 Cups Cooked and Cooled Brown Rice, or Substitute Another Whole Cooked Grain

  • 1/4 Cup Finely Minced, Red Onion

  • 2/3 Cups Dried Cranberries, Cherries

  • 3 Tbsp. Pumpkin Seed...

November 3, 2015


  • 2-3 Large Tomatoes, diced

  • 1 Cucumber, diced

  • 1 Cup Cooked Sorghum

  • 1 1/2 Cups Organic Cooked White Beans

  • 8 oz. Pearled Mozzarella, or Freshly Made, Diced Mozzarella

  • Fresh Basil to Taste

  • Fresh Oregano, or Dried Oregano, to Taste

  • ...
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