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Naturally Sweetened, Chocolate Milk

January 31, 2017



 Chocolate Syrup

  • 1/4 Cup Coconut Oil  

  • 3/4 Cup Organic, Raw Cacao

  • 3/4 Cup Hot Water

  • 1 Cup Organic, Pure Maple Syrup 

  • 2 Tbsp. Vanilla

  • 1/2 tsp. Salt 


1.  Measure coconut oil and cacao into a quart jar, or a blender.

2.  Pour steaming hot water over the oil and cacao and immediately mix with an immersion stick blender, or blender until it is melted.  If you wait to blend it, the temperature drops quickly and it won't mix well.  

3.  Add maple syrup, vanilla and salt. Mix well.

4.  Store in the refrigerator and use to flavor milk.



  • Lighter pure maple syrup tends to taste more mild, but it also produces a slightly thinner chocolate syrup. 

  • The syrup thickens up as it is stored in the fridge.  I find mine is thicker on the 2nd day in the fridge after I have made it. 

  • You can adjust the thickness according to your preferences.  Add more or less water for a thicker, or thinner result.

  • I usually like to use an immersion blender to mix the syrup right in a quart jar that I will be storing it in.  If you are in the market to purchase an immersion blender, make sure that the head is small enough to fit in a wide mouthed canning jar.  

  • You can add more or less maple syrup according to your tastes.


  • You can gently heat chocolate milk to 110-115 degrees, if desired.  This temperature is still considered raw and will retain the nutrients of raw milk.  

  • Cayenne, cinnamon, and black pepper are all fun additions that you can experiment with in your syrup.  Cayenne gives it a little interesting heat.  It is also good for your circulation.  Cinnamon is nice paired with chocolate and pepper brings out the flavor of chocolate.

  • If the flavor is chalky from the raw cacao, use hotter water next time and mix cacao, water and coconut oil well, before adding other ingredients.  

  • The flavor will improve after it has chilled in the fridge and thickened up.  

  • You likely use more of this syrup in a typical glass of milk than you would if you were using say, Hershey's chocolate syrup.  It's not exactly cheap, but quality food is not cheap.  If you learn to spend your money on Real Food, with a bit of effort on things like 1 Hour Weekly Food Prep, spending money on quality food, does not need to blow your budget.

  • The coconut oil, cacao, maple syrup and of course, the raw milk make this a treat you can feel good about indulging in.  I have turned to it often to keep my cravings in check!  


I often pack a jar full of chocolate milk in our lunches.  

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