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Lunch: How to Pack it all Up

Lunch: How to Pack it all Up

Lunch time can be a very emotional, anxiety filled time for children. Packing healthy food, that is easy to see, open and eat, in an appealing container can make all the difference. Here's my favorite lunch container for small children.

Yum Box

I like the design and size and number of compartments in this lunch container. If you want to keep the food cold, you'll need to pack it in a bag with an ice pack.

Stainless Steel Containers

  • Medium I love this size for salads. Mine came without a divider, so I have not tried that out.

  • Small I love this size for applesauce, yogurt, fruit etc. Unfortunately, it's not available. Hopefully, it will be soon!

Mason Jars


TIP: Pour very hot watner into the thermos to pre-heat it for a few minutes with the lid on. Pour out water and add hot food.

Salad Dressing and Small Item Container

Reusable Yogurt and Applesauce Containers

I have not tried either of these. I prefer to pack in glass or stainless steel, but if you're trying to convert a child from packaged food, cute containers like these make for an easier transition.

Lunch Bags and Ice Packs

PackiT This bag does not require a separate ice pack, but you do need to freeze it at least overnight. The new design is better with the zipper closure, but the velcro closure still has issues. There are several different styles and sizes that you can choose from. I have actually put the thermos mentioned above in the bag, and the food in the thermos stayed hot and cold food stayed cold until lunch. The drawbacks are that you need to remember to clean it out and put it in freezer the night before. That doesn't always happen at my house. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts to remind, encourage, bribe and threaten kids to be responsible, bags get left in cars, at friends etc.

IGLOO I like this bag because it has ample room and I can pack a thermos in the outside pocket. It requires a separate ice pack.

byo I like this bag because it has ample room and I can pack a thermos and water bottle in the outside pockets. It's also machine washable. It requires a separate ice pack.

Ice Packs I like these. They're very durable, easy to rinse off, and don't take up a lot of room.

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