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Food Prep: 5 Minute Fridge Clean Out

5 Minute Fridge Clean Out

1. Fill a sink with hot soapy water.

2. Take a trash bin over to the fridge.

3. Quickly throw everything away that is not usable, or likely to be eaten. If you have to debate, it probably won't get eaten and will take up valuable fridge space.

4. Place empty containers from the fridge, in the sink. Assign a child, spouse, roommate etc. to do the dishes, or quickly wash them when you return from the store. Since they will have soaked, clean-up should be quick and easy.

5. Do a quick wipe of anything in the fridge that is in need of attention.

6. Make a note of what you have in the fridge and head to the store.


If you take a few minutes to do this every week, cleaning the fridge will never be a big chore. You won't have to take everything out and wipe down the fridge like the picture above. The bonus is: you'll be able to see and actually use the food that you spend your hard earned money on.

Set aside items that need to be used up, like remaining veggies and fruit, broth, legumes, grains etc. Use these in your next several meals. You need a break! You're going to the grocery store and will be prepping food for the coming week. You don't need to prepare meals on top of it all!

Make a smoothie bowl with left-over greens and fruit, with any remaining hard boiled eggs on the side.

​​Put out remaining items in the fridge and allow everyone to assemble a grain bowl or salad, salad bar style.

​​You could also put out remaining veggies and left-over salad dressing, dip or hummus for a snack.

​Often there is just a serving or two left of a particular meal. Pull that out as well and have a left-over meal.

​​You can also toss left-over veggies, beans and other legumes, grains, and broth it all in a pot and start a soup simmering away for dinner.


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