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Food Prep: Grocery Shopping

Grocery Shopping

1. I spend very little time in a grocery store, in fact, I often set a timer. It's a little reminder for me not to doddle. The less time I spend, the less money I spend.

2. When I go to the grocery store each week, I spend almost all of my time in the produce section. For the most part, I don’t purchase packaged items. No cream of chicken soup, no cereal, no canned beans, no ketchup, no mayonnaise, no salad dressing, no yogurt, no fruit snacks, no granola bars, no protein powders etc. Look at all the stuff in the picture above. That's not real food! That's a pile of crap: a cheap imitation of food and you'll end up paying the price! The money I don't spend on packaged, processed food items, is put towards buying a cart-load of organic produce and other Real Food. I often have cashiers ask me what I do with all of the fruit and veggies I buy, to which I reply, "We eat it!" I can't help but wonder what the cashier eats...

3. There are a few items I buy in a package, but they don’t have a list of ingredients. Things like maple syrup, milk, or eggs. A package of some sort is needed to contain it, but no list of ingredients is necessary. Remember, we are focusing on Real Food. What you do need, you can make yourself. I'll show you how to do it in a way that doesn’t take hours on the weekend, or at each mealtime. It tastes better; it's healthier and it costs less money.

4. I purchase pastured organic eggs and raw milk from another local source.

5. Things like whole, organic chicken; grass fed, organic beef; and other staples like brown rice, quinoa, oat groats, honey, legumes etc. I buy on a less frequent basis: quarterly for some things, semi-annually and yearly for others.

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