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Maple Glazed Nuts

These are the easiest sweetened nuts ever! You will love how fast it is to make these and you will love how they taste. These are great on salads, as a snack, in granola, on top of hot cereal, and on top of yogurt, or ice cream. Enjoy!

Maple Glazed Nuts

  • 2 Cups Nuts

  • 1/4 Cup Pure, Organic Maple Syrup

  • 1/2 tsp. Salt

  • 2 tsp. RealTaste Peace seasoning, or Cinnamon

  • Pinch Cayenne, optional

1. Heat a skillet to medium heat.

2. Add the nuts, maple syrup, salt and cinnamon and mix well.

3. Stir constantly for 4 minutes.

4. At this point they should be dry and not sticking together.

5. Spread out on parchment paper to cool.

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