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Basic Natural Cleaner

September 26, 2018

This basic natural cleaner is a food safe, disinfectant spray for cleaning kitchen counters, sinks and faucets.  It's also a great basic cleaner for just about any job:  showers, toilets etc.  


 Basic Natural Cleaner


  • Equal parts vinegar and water

  • A few drops of essential oil of choice, optional


1.  Add vinegar, water and essential oil, if desired, to a spray bottle. 


2.  Place the spray nozzle on the bottle and shake well to mix solution.  


3.  Spray on counter, cutting board, or sink and faucet and wipe dry with a cloth.  





You can skip the commercial essential oil and infuse your solution with free essential oil from a left-over slice of orange or lemon peel.  Each week after food prep. toss a peel in your bottle of vinegar to steep. 


The alkalinity of baking soda and the acidy of the vinegar neutralize.  So it's best not to mix the two for a disinfectant application.  Mixing the two is appropriate as a scrubbing medium, for items such as an oven or stovetop. 



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