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Perfectly Cooked Asparagus

Say no to limp, soggy asparagus! Some people don't like asparagus simply because they have never had it cooked properly. That's tragic! Asparagus is one of the earth's most delicious foods. I prefer to steam asparagus, as I can more exactly control the cooking process, resulting in perfectly cooked asparagus.

Perfectly Cooked Asparagus

  • 1 bunch asparagus

1. Heat a large pot with approximately 2 inches of water to high heat.

2. When the water is boiling, place asparagus in a steaming basket over the water and cover pot with a lid.

3. Cook the asparagus until tender and remove from the heat. You will want to slightly under cook the asparagus, as it will continue to cook after it's removed from the heat.


Asparagus that is slightly bigger in diameter than a pencil will take approximately 3 minutes to cook.

If you undercook asparagus, you can remove the pot from the heat and leave the asparagus in the steaming basket covered with lid, to finish cooking. This also keeps it warm until serving time.

If you would like cold asparagus on say, a salad, stop the cooking process by plunging cooked asparagus into cold ice water. Drain well and store cold asparagus in the fridge until using.

Tender, but still crisp asparagus is wonderful cut up on a green salad, or grain bowl, so go ahead and cook the whole bunch, asparagus left-overs are a good thing.


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