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Cream of Soup Substitute

This recipe takes just a few minutes to make, but it's infinitely better than the stuff you buy in a can! You can use this as a substitute for the condensed cream soup that comes in a can.

Cream of Soup Substitute

  • 2 Tbsp. healthy fat: duck fat, goose fat, EVOO, ghee, un-hyrogenated organic lard are all good choices

  • 1/4 cup Einkorn high extraction flour, or flour of choice

  • 1/2 tsp. salt, *see notes

  • 1 cup broth, unsalted and unseasoned *see notes

  • Pepper to taste

1. Place the fat, flour and salt in a small pan heated to medium high heat.

2. With a whisk, stir occasionally while the fat melts. When the fat is melted and mixture starts to bubble, reduce the heat, cooking and whisking for an additional minute. This cooking time is an important step to ensure your soup not have an unpleasant raw flour taste.

3. Gradually whisk in the broth until smooth.

4. Increase the heat to medium high heat.

5. Bring mixture to a gentle boil and boil until very thick, while stirring constantly. This shouldn't take long.

6. Season with additional salt, if needed and pepper, or seasoning of choice. Commercial condensed soup is quite salty, while you don't want to over salt, you do need to be generous to achieve the same flavor. I generally add around an 1/8 tsp. or two 3 finger pinches of salt.

7. This will store in the fridge for about a week. It can also be frozen.


This recipe can be substituted for a can of cream soup in recipes.

If your broth is seasoned, do not add the full amount of salt, instead season to taste in step 6.

Different types of flour have different thickening qualities; therefore, if you're using a different type of flour it may take a little experimentation to get it just right. Please comment below to let us know what type of flour you used and how it worked out.

If you'd like, add a little onion and garlic powder, or any other seasonings of choice.

This recipe will lose flavor if it's diluted too much. If your recipe calls for dilution, you will need to experiment to see what works best. You can just add additional salt to taste, when diluting; or make up a bigger batch of this recipe and use it without dilution. For example, if your recipe calls for a cup of milk, you could use an extra cup of this recipe in place of the milk.

I find beef fat that has been removed from broth to be too strong for the delicate flavor of cream soup. You can use commercially prepared beef tallow, if desired, or beef tallow that has been rendered several times with water to "clean" it, or rather mellow out the flavor.

Go ahead and make a big batch, then divide into portions and freeze to use in recipes in the future.

Here's some recipes for homemade broth:

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