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Honey Einkorn Berries

We absolutely love these Einkorn Berries and use them often in place of granola. We top our yogurt or kefir, as well as smoothie bowls with Einkorn berries. They are also delicious warm or cold on their own with a little milk: much better for you than cold cereal and less expensive too! One morning, we had breakfast parfaits with raw milk yogurt, Einkorn Berries and fruit when my teenage nephew was over. A few days later his mom called to ask for the recipe saying that her son had been "fantasizing" over what we had eaten. I'm glad he liked it! I agree, it's one of my favorite yogurt toppers and it's yummy in a bowl with a little raw milk as well.

Honey Einkorn Berries

Mix together and enjoy!


Honey absorbs best into the berries when they are still warm.

Make up a big batch and freeze in portions for a quick breakfast.

Feel free to substitute other grains in the same quantity, if desired, such as quinoa, sorghum, brown rice and buckwheat.


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