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Killer Guacamole

One time my 6 year old daughter exclaimed, "this is so amazing. I could sell this!" Another time, she asked me for the recipe. I suppose she needed to procure it for her future guacamole venture. What can I say, she loves guacamole. I admit, this is killer guac. It just doesn't get any better, or any easier! Ok, there is one caveat, you need to have some lacto-fermented salsa on hand, or in a pinch, at least my 2 tomato Salsa. Because we do, almost always, have lacto-fermented salsa in the fridge (and you should too) this comes together in a flash. In fact, no recipe is needed, but here goes anyway:

Killer Guacamole

  • 1 Soft avocado, mashed

  • A couple of generous large spoonfuls of lacto-fermented salsa and juice

  • Salt and pepper to taste

That's it. You too can have guacamole that is good enough to sell.

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