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Naturally Sweet, Pectin Free Jam

You could call this fruit spread, jam, fruit preserves, or fruit puree, but we just call it delicious. We use it like one would use jam, as well as to top yogurt, to stir into kefir to sweeten and flavor it, to sweeten fruit salsa, top muesli, cottage cheese, or hot cereal.

Naturally Sweet, Pectin Free Jam

  • 1 lb. fruit, fresh or frozen

  • 1-3 tsp. lime juice, depending on tartness of the fruit

  • 1/2 cup organic, pure maple syrup, or mild tasting honey

  1. Place ingredients in a medium pot.

  2. Bring to a full rolling boil.

  3. Reduce heat to maintain a slow gentle boil, uncovered, for 5-30 minutes. *see notes

  4. Cool and pour into a blender, or use a stick blender.

  5. Pulse if you like a more chunky texture and puree if you like it smoother.

  6. Cool and store in a covered container in the fridge.


Cooker for a longer or shorter amount of time, depending on the fruit. For example, I cook raspberry jam for a shorter time and rhubarb for the full 30 minutes. I like a bright flavor for raspberry jam and it breaks down pretty quickly. On the other hand, I like rhubarb to have a chance to fully break down.

I don't blend rhubarb jam, as it gets an apple sauce like texture when blended up.

Start with 1 tsp. lime juice and increase to taste.

You can also cook longer, to reduce it more, for a thicker version.

You can freeze the fruit spread in portions and thaw it out in the fridge, as needed.

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