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Greek Style Yogurt

Greek Style Yogurt

Personally, I like the mouth feel of yogurt with the whey still in it, but some people prefer a thicker Greek Style yogurt. I like mine just fine without sweetener, but feel free to drizzle it with pure maple syrup, or raw honey, or whisk it in for a more consistent taste. A berry syrup is another fabulous way to sweeten it up. If you whisk in sweetener, it will be more runny than most store bought yogurt, because you are missing the additives that keep it thick, and frankly, that is a good thing.

Anyway you like it, this is a great way to enjoy yogurt without losing any of the wonderful and nutritious properties of raw milk. For the basic yogurt recipe, click here.

Greek Yogurt Directions

Place a colander over a bowl. The colander should be high enough that it won’t touch the whey as it drains. Wet a clean hanky, or a small dish towel with water and ring it out. Line the colander with the wet cloth. Empty the yogurt into the cloth lined colander. Fold the corners of the cloth over the yogurt to cover it and place the bowl in the fridge. You may drain it anywhere from 4 hours to a couple days to obtain the consistency that you like. If you are draining for longer than one day, cover with plastic wrap to keep it from getting dried out and funky fridge flavors.

Whey: Use the whey as a starter for your lacto-ferments, to improve your bread products, and as an acid for soaking grains, or in your bone broth. Also, you can use it to jump start a sluggish sourdough starter.

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