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Sprouted Buckwheat Crust

When we think of sprouts, generally alfalfa sprouts topping a salad, sandwich, or wrap come to mind. I do love the crunch of alfalfa sprouts, but let's not stop with that. There are all sorts of fun, interesting and delicious ways to use sprouts. This sprouted buckwheat crust is one of them. Buckwheat is one of my favorite things to sprout. You will usually begin to see sprouts within the first day, or two.

How to Sprout Buckwheat

  • Soak the buckwheat groats in three times the amount of water as buckwheat groats for 12 hours, or overnight.

  • After they have soaked for about 12 hours, drain them in a fine mesh collander and rinse them well.

  • Place the collander over a bowl that will allow them to continue to drain without touching the draining water. Place a kitchen towel over the bowl.

  • Repeat this rinsing and draining process every 12 hours, until you see little tiny tails.

How to Dehydrate Buckwheat Sprouts

  • Place buckwheat sprouts in a dehydrator and dehydrate on low until completely dry.

  • If you don't have a dehydrator, place buckwheat sprouts on a cookie sheet.

  • Place cookie sheet in an oven set to 170- which is the lowest setting on most ovens.

  • Place a metal utinsel in the door to prop it open slightly, as 170 is too high of a heat to dehydrate. Something like a whisk with a round handle works well. Place the round handle in between the door and oven.

  • Leave buckwheat sprouts in oven until they are completely dry.

Recipe Review

Sprouted Buckwheat Crust

  • I adore this crust from Graci is very talented and her blog is fun to peruse.

  • You can use this crust for lots of desserts and any time you would normally use graham cracker crumbs.

  • You can use raw, cultured butter in place of coconut oil for a little flavor boost.

  • You can also use 11-12 dates for a little sweeter result.

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