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Perfect Poached Eggs!

Poached Eggs!

I can't even begin to tell you how much I love poached eggs.

i love poached eggs on toast

i love poached eggs over roasted vegetables

i love poached eggs over a green salad

i love poached eggs over millet, black beans, salsa, and avocado

i love poached eggs over Indonesian Bahmi

i love poached eggs over grains or polenta

i love eggs benedict

i love poached eggs over asparagus

i love poached eggs over legumes

i love poached eggs in a healthy version of Ramen

i love poached eggs over pasta

i love poached eggs!

Is there anything that is not made better with a poached egg?

Maybe chocolate cake, but we don't talk about that here.

Poached Eggs = A Fast Meal!

If you consider yourself a good cook, you should be able to poach a good egg, right? But poached eggs can seem intimidating. How much vinegar? How long? And how do I swirl the water? Forget about the vinegar and swirling. I'll show you a better way. It's easy and you can do up to 8 eggs at a time.

Over the years I've tried every poached egg technique that I could find. Jacques Pepin? Check. Julia Child? Check. Martha Stewart? Check. Alton Brown? Check. Adding vinegar, swirling the water, draining egg in a fine mesh strainer, pricking the shell with a pin and boiling for 10 seconds before poaching, been there; done that. All these methods stink. Ok, that's a harsh word, but it's difficult to consistently get a decent looking egg, instead of something that looks like an gangly creature from the deep. If I'm going to the effort of making something, I want it to look and taste appealing.

I don't have time to baby sit something in the kitchen with a family of 7. Mealtime prep has to be fast. Life is busy! After trying every method imaginable, I found this method to be the easiest, to produce the most consistent results, and the bonus being able to do up to 6 eggs at a time.

You'll need:

  • A straight sided skillet

  • A vegetable steaming basket that is slightly smaller than your skillet

  • Dinner size plate

  • Small bowl

  • Thermometer, optional

  • Slotted spoon, optional


If you don't have a pot with a steaming basket, look for one that has a flat bottom, and will fit inside your skillet, as well as, fitting one of your large pots, to use for hard boiled eggs, and steamed vegetables. The holes should be about 2.5 mm.

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