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Simple Shakshuka

Shakshuka is a popular dish in parts of the Middle East and North Africa. It's gaining popularity in the West, for good reason; it's delicious and easy to pull together. It's common for breakfast, but makes a lovely simple dinner dish as well. The word Shashuka might sound intimidating, but it's simply eggs poached in seasoned tomatoes. I add RealTaste Hope and Vida seasoning, because it's an easy addition. Cumin is a traditional seasoning in Shakshuka, but you can add any seasoning you like, even just salt to taste. Enjoy!

Simple Shakshuka

1. Mix tomatoes and seasoning. Add more seasoning to taste, if desired.

2. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 5-10 minutes, or until thickened.

3. Carefully, crack eggs into tomatoes.

4. Cover and simmer for approximately 5 minutes, or until egg whites are set, but yolks are still runny.

5. Sprinkle with herbs and feta cheese, if desired.

6. Serve over sourdough bread, or bread of choice.


I prefer to use organic tomatoes that are in a paper box, rather than a can, or home processed tomatoes. You can also use fresh tomatoes, but they will take longer to cook down and thicken.

Commercial tomatoes vary quite a bit. Some have paste added and are quite thick, others have more liquid. This will affect your cooking time. If the tomatoes are already quite thick, you can bring them to a boil, reduce heat, skip simmering time and crack eggs into tomatoes to poach.

Some commercial tomatoes have salt added and others do not. This will affect the amount of seasoning you will need to add.

If desired, add a diced jalapeno.

Shakshuka is more traditional for breakfast, but we often like it for dinner with a big salad. Sometimes, when everyone is not home all at once, I do two 1/2 batches in my small cast iron skillet. Basically, Shakshuka is eggs poached in seasoned tomatoes. If you want an easy meal for just you, put some tomatoes in a very small skillet, bring it to a boil, reduce heat and poach egg in the tomatoes until white is set.

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