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Super Simple Raw Yogurt Video

The great thing about this yogurt is that it's so simple. I can’t think of any easier task in the kitchen. I have experimented with raw milk and yogurt for years. I think you'll love this version and it's so versatile. Once you have made raw yogurt, you can use it to make a number of things:

  • You can drain it for about a day for Greek style yogurt and to obtain whey.

  • You can make yogurt popsicles.

  • You can make frozen yogurt.

  • Make lime crema.

  • Make salad dressings.

  • Use it to make muesli.

  • Use it in sauces and recipes.

  • You can drain it for 2-3 days to make a cream cheese substitute, or more accurately yogurt cheese.

  • Add a little salt to taste and use as a sour cream substitute.

Click Here for the Recipe

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